Indulgence and history

“In 1594, on 7th January, a wolf that had attacked the barber’s wife was hunted in Wangen.”

Numerous tales have been told about the Badstube in Wangen. Some of them date back a very long time. Of course, it was once a bath and later on a coal cellar. Today the venerable vault invites you to experience unforgettable culinary delights.

We value seasonal, local dishes and prepare them with skill and great attention to detail. In the Badstube you will find a subtle Mediterranean cuisine, while our wine cellar offers a large selection of fine wines.



  • Winter salad, verjus, hazelnut oil, quail eggs from the village 13.–
  • Cod ceviche, colourful marinated vegetables, sepia sour cream 24.–
  • Homesmoked duck breast, carrots, bitter orange chutney 24.–
  • Beef tatar, Eden prawn, sesame brioche 26.–
  • Essence of roasted vegetables, herb sandwiches 16.–

Main dishes

  • Cod, hazelnut crust, sweet potato, friar`s beard 52.–
  • Char, chicory, pistachio crèpes 52.–
  • Zurich Oberland beef tenderloin, harissa sabayon, potato duet, winter vegetables 54.–
  • Veal involtini, dried tomato, catalonia, crispy hash browns 52.-
  • Local organic chicken, raz el hanout, saffron polenta, leek 52.–
  • Braised Tardivo, catalonia, black Venere rice, aged Parmesan 42.–


  • Vanilla cream, thin caramel crust, fruits 13.–
  • Mosaic of citrus fruits, honey foam 17.–
  • Quince Tarte Tatin, Sallow thorn sorbet 17.–
  • Chocolate waffel, Conférence pear, curcuma ice cream 17.–
  • Fresh and matured cheese from the region 17.– / 23.–

Badstube menu

  • Graved char, chicory, mustard cracker 24.–
  • Sauerkraut soup, porc belly 17.–
  • Open calamaretti ravioli, herb ricotta 22.–
  • Pigeon breast, celeriac, fried rice, port 58.–
  • Cheese from the region 17.–
  • Blood orange, anis crumble, curd 17.–

  • Menu 6 courses 139.–
  • Menu 5 courses 124.–
  • Menu 4 courses (1. starter, soup, main course, dessert) 103.–
  • Menu 3 courses (1. starter, main course and dessert) 87.–
  • Menu 3 courses (soup, main course, dessert) 82.–

Wine list



come into the parlour

Einblick in die Gaststube

The oak floor creaks, the walnut tables bring back memories of the good old days: Time seems to stand still in our Gaststube.

Here we serve good home-cooked meals with a modern twist – just right for aficionados of a wholesome cuisine. But we also provide for the lighter appetite: fine bistro dishes, maybe accompanied by a glass of wine chosen from the specials board. The cosy atmosphere invites you to chat among friends, content with being sociable.



  • Garden greens with French or Italian dressing 9.50
  • Mixed salad plate 10.50 / 16.50
  • Lamb’s lettuce, croutons, quail eggs from Wangen 12.50 / 19.50
  • Chicory, cream cheese, orange chutney, hazelnut 17.50 / 26.50
  • Salade Folle, char, beef tatar, crispy bacon, mushroom 21.50 / 31.50
  • Sauerkraut soup, crispy bacon 10.50
  • Pumkin soup, spiced foam 9.50
  • Soup of the day 7.50

Small dishes

  • Toasted Paillasse sandwich with ham, cheese or salami 8.50
  • Hearty sausage salad, "simple" or combined with crunchy salads 10.50 / 17.50
  • Snack plate with airdried ham, Bündnerfleisch, salami and cheese 26.50
  • Fresh and matured cheese from the region 16.00 / 24.50
  • Garlic bread 7.00


  • Fried rice, vegetable, egg, chili 24.50
  • Oat, roasted cabbage, hazelnut 24.50
  • Braised chicory and tardive, parsley potatoes 24.50


  • Breaded veal escalope, tomato taglierini 31.00
  • Pork cordon bleu, French fries, vegetables 27.00
  • Veal cordon bleu, French fries, vegetables 36.00
  • Zurich-style veal stew, crispy fried grated potatoes 36.00
  • Sirloin steak, herb butter, sauteed potatoes, vegetables 38.00
  • Club sandwich with chicken breast, tomatoes, eggs, crispy bacon, mixed lettuce 22.00
  • Beef tatar piquantly seasoned and served with toast bread 22.00 / 32.00


  • Duck breast, orange sauce, black venere rice, winter spinach 32.00
  • Rösti, ham, blue Jersey cheese, pear 24.50
  • Pork steak, Parmesan crust, sweet potatoes, vegetable 28.00
  • Pappardelle, spicy beef stripes, spinach 32.00
  • Local organic chicken, mustard jus, Bramata polenta 34.00
  • Spaghetti, codfish, catalonia 32.00
  • Char, parsley potatoes, creamy sauerkraut 36.00

wine list